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In 2008, Julia’s was launched on the Dutch railway stations. This unique concept serves freshly prepared Italian food. Julia’s fulfills the need of travelers with limited time who value a fresh and healthy meal in a pleasant environment or for take away. Because of the on spot preparation and the fresh ingredients the concept embraces the trend in our society to value healthy and fresh food on the go.

Julia’s asked Brandnew to develop a new instore communication concept to clarify the product offering for different eating occasions and to increase the Italian experience.

Together with NS Retail, we identified and developed new communication assumptions. We started to clarify the product offering of meals for different occasions. Then we started to accentuate the freshness of the ingredients and the fresh preparation of the food. Finally, we made the uniqueness and the Italian authenticity of Julia’s more explicit.

NS Retail and Brandnew worked together to develop a new instore communication concept. A new image concept and a new tone of style exists of three levels of communication: functional, emotional and action. These three levels are incorporated in the menu’s, posters, photography and in the whole visual identity.

The combination of black and white in the communication emphasizes the authentic Italian identity. The quality of the food is presented more explicitly, which increases the taste appeal of the passing traveller. This is how we create stopping power and traction, to realize more traffic and higher conversion. The unique imagery shows fresh, moving ingredients, which all come together as a complete, pure and freshly made Italian dish.



The result is a new, contemporary and high quality appearance of Julia’s of which a brand new concept of photography and custom imagery are the most important elements. By adjusting the visual identity and more explicitly communicating the messages of fresh qualitative food and the Italian identity, the taste appeal has increased and Julia’s developed her own tone of voice.