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Maggi adds the flavours, we add the taste appeal

Maggi, which started out life as Aroma, is a great example of a brand that has managed to push for innovation while staying true to its natural identity. Maggi continues to develop new flavor concepts in an effort to help all families prepare tasty dishes with a variety of ingredients. Our job is to reinforce the position the brand has gained over the years and we do so by keeping the design fresh. This requires an understanding of daily cooking, which is a perfect task for food lovers like us.

Maggi teaches people how to cook and eat, using good ingredients and lots of vegetables. We created the brand’s packaging design, as well as a wide scope of consumer touch points including instructional videos, on-site food concepts, Facebook recipes and much more.

Over the past years, we have been able to help the brand Maggi grow substantially.

And we have done so by keeping a sharp eye on today’s food needs and by safeguarding the brand’s values.

Our goal? To keep the brand’s natural identity alive while making sure that the brand as a whole remains relevant and fresh.