Shoeby | Brandnew - Identity, Packaging and Retail design
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Shoeby fashion, a retail chain with 250 stores, came to us because they wanted to expand their business to A1 locations in ‘De Randstad’.

A new store concept was developed for a 900m2 flagship store in one of The Hague’s busiest shopping streets. The Shoeby proposition ‘Your Personal Shopper’ served as the starting point for the new store concept, which offers a wide range of experiences: from a Shoeby atelier where shoppers can have their garments personalized to a hair- and make-up studio right down to a cafeteria.

Shoeby allowed us to design a ground-breaking, future-proof store concept. We were given complete freedom to use striking design – e.g. the first black escalator in The Netherlands – in an effort to bring the brand’s Personal Shopper proposition to live.

It takes more than just a nice store, functional website and friendly staff for a retail brand to succeed.
The new Shoeby store concept is about engaging with shoppers by providing inspiration, seduction and personalization.
For us this was a dream project to work on. And we’re incredibly proud of the end result.