Sultana - Brandnew
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Sultana is one of those rare brands whose brand name has come to represent a category as a whole.

Sultana created its own category long ago and is still the leader of the pack, simply because the brand remains the best possible version of itself. And that’s where we come in.

Together with Sultana we recently went back to the brand’s roots and reinforced the iconic status of both brand and biscuit by positioning Sultana Fruitsbiscuit as a true hero. The result is a campaign that is as optimistic, relevant and playful as the brand itself.

Staying true to your core identity sounds easy enough, but it’s a real challenge for most brands. In this particular case we were able to reestablish the brand’s strong core, which opened up new opportunities. Sub brands that have circled around the core have been given a new lease of life, with Yofruit, Volgraan and Good Morning as the most recent additions to the Sultana family. We wanted to tell the story of the biscuits but simultaneously focus on the promise they make, because in the end that’s why people love the product and buy it.