Sum & Sam - Brandnew
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Superunie introduces a new Oriental foodbrand that will hit the shelves of all supermarkets in the Superunie network. Sum & Sam is born!

With a wide assortment of over 75 Oriental products Sum & Sam will reposition the Oriental category in The Netherlands. With products from noodles to sambal. And from bumbu to kroepoek.

We designed the identity, packaging and communication for this challenging brand.

Sum & Sam provides guidance in the extensive world of Oriental cooking. And it helps shoppers by actively lending a hand. How? With clear and relevant information and explanations on pack. And by giving practical tips, with a touch of relativizing humor.

The brand stands by us, right in the middle of our day-to-day life. It is positive, typically Dutch and bright. It has a no-nonsense mentality and it’s products are full of taste. It has a contemporary look, is very accessible and open.

Sum & Sam have a clear voice: active, encouraging and easy going. No stories about origin and authencity, but encouragement on how shoppers can easily prepare a delicious Oriental meal.

Because of it’s a-typical color Sum & Sam has a tremendous shelf impact. It’s solid and surprisingly refreshing. The brand color gives the food-photography a remarkable stand out. The packaging holds self explaining icons with instructions and information, clear copy with tips and trics. A motivational product that dares you to cook more Oriental recipes.

Sum & Sam is a dynamic entity with a strong identity and maximum food appeal. Selamat makan with Sum & Sam!