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Growing up on a farm is like nothing else. You get to see where real food comes from play in the biggest play ground, let your imagination grow and work with 
and learn from your family. Learn how to save water, use less resources and 
learn to protect the environment whilst getting the best out of the land.

Yesper believes the equal importance of consumer, farmer and the world around us is 
most important. With all focus on keeping the food chain as short and pure as possible,
 the Yespers brand is an answer on the fast growing mass production. This contributes to restoring the band between 
consumer and producer and enables all of us to enjoy healthy, variable 
and affordable food on the long term.

With this in mind it’s save to say: Yespers is New Nature.  New Nature is about not having to choose. Choose between farmer and consumer. Between healthy and delicious. Between nature and people. New Nature is about &. & is inclusive. & is connective. & is just more!

Yespers’ mission is transparent – it’s about consumers and producer, and connecting the two as efficiently as possible, so that we eat what we want and grow what we eat. New Nature is what drives us. It’s not an empty slogan, but a deep rooted conviction


The team of Brandnew designed the visual identity, website and packaging  for Yespers’ first born: 
Smoothie Spread. A pure visualisation of ‘New Nature’  with a simple and honest look and feel. New Dutch design with a clear focus on the 
core of the Yespers brand: bringing farmers and consumers closer to each other. Connecting old traditions 
with new technics, Farmers and visionaries/entrepeneurs.


It all resulted in an iconic pack, right in 
the heart of the brand essence; The old Dutch PTT post-elastic became our hero.
 With this simple icon we managed to combine all that’s traditional with New Nature. And even on a 
product level fruits with veggies.

The label was engineered in smart way; all elements serve the idea of combining and bringing food and talents 
together. On the outside, the label is all about foodieness. On the inside we tell the story of Yespers 
in a contemporary info-graphic layout. The logo of Yespers is designed in the shape of a barn. Open 
and transparant in simple black and white. Quite obvious but essential and simple.

All-in all an small iconic brand with a great personality.